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"I was in awe, and I'm not easily awed, by Mike’s insight into what you need to do to land a Board seat. Anyone new to getting on a Board would be crazy not to use Mike! He's worth his weight in gold. As an added bonus, he’s easy and fun to work with."

                                                                                         Jeff K, COO, Major Professional Organization, February 2022


"Mike is incredibly effective, and generous in his commitment to his clients. He is an exceptional person, and I am very privileged to call him a colleague.

                                                                                Randy D, Industrial, and Interim CEO"  October 2021


Mike knows what he's doing. Very practical and useful advice from his distinguished career."

          Carlos A. CEO. International Telecom, July 2021

“If you want the secret code on Private Equity Boards, look no further. Mike is a great mentor and coach.”

       Jane S, CEO, LifeCare, April 2021

"Mike is a true coach. Clarity, instruction and direction for your go-to-market plan. The cherry on top is that he is a real delight to work with."

                                                                     Ivonne, CEO. Clean Energy & Sustainability, December 2020


"Mike turned my basic profile into a winning example of how to land board seats and jobs.  My first contact after the update was very impressed with the page and it resulted in a viable job offering."

          Jerry B, CEO, Aviation, September 2020

"Fantastic introduction to PE Boards and operations.  Spectacular recast of my credentials to current, top-tier standards."

          Mike D, Board Director, Life Sciences, August, 2020

"The old Ben Franklin adage that "An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest" perfectly applies to Mike's programs. Immediate positive reactions to my outreach. Highly recommend.

          Greg O, Senior Maritime Executive, May 2020


"For anyone thinking about a Board prep service, look no further. Mike is an exceptional mentor, teaches you everything you will need to know, including interview Q&A, develops your Value Proposition, marketing materials, and elevator speech. You owe it to yourself to give Mike a call."

          Robert G, Manufacturing Operations and Finance. February, 2020


"Mike's insider knowledge made his coaching sessions concise, practical, useful, and enjoyable. My wheels are in motion."

          Steve K, VP Supply Chain, September 2019


"As you reach for the final leadership rung on the ladder, there are few people to mentor you, and you can truly learn from. If you are lucky enough to have Mike as a coach, you'll get a serious dose of both."

          KJ, CEO, Industrial/ B2B, July 2019


"Mike's insights were invaluable. . . could not have achieved the same results on my own. The work product was exactly what I needed. Outstanding experience with Mike."

          Jeff S, VP, Chemicals and Mining, July 2019


"Mike is a highly skilled and genuine coach. Key to the success is his personal commitment to see you succeed. And he's a lot of fun to work the process with. I highly recommend for Board engagements."

          Barry F, CEO and Serial Entrepreneur, Technology, June 2019


"I'd ride a rocket with Mike, orbit the Moon and Mars with Mike's navigation. His stellar experience as a CEO and Board Director makes him the real deal, and I’m much better prepared because of his expertise and easy, fast paced style of mentoring and coaching.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with Mike, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to establish their marketability in the Board world."

          Scott H, Aerospace CEO, March 2019

"Mike's program exceeded expectations. His knowledge is incredible. Gave me second-to-none road-map and prep."

          Gary P, CEO, Automotive, March 2019

"Mike's program changed my pitch from flat, to upward. It's changed my orientation to a much higher level Board pursuit. A big change to my qualifications."

         Donald D, Managing Director, Capital Source, February 2019

"It has truly been a pleasure to work with and learn from Mike. He shares his experience and knowledge in a very easy and fast style. His program is built around his extensive leadership background and previous successes enabling his clients to leverage his CEO and Outside Director insights. Highly recommend for any CEO wanting to increase their Director opportunities and better understand the unique needs of private equity."

          Jim S. CEO e-Commerce and Healthcare, December 2018


"Buckle your seat belt for take-off. . . Mike's 1-on-1 coaching program takes you on an accelerated glide path to your destination. He transfers his personal real life experiences as a CEO, Board Director, and Private Equity guru, to your benefit. A truly authentic person and advisor."

          David M., CEO, Manufacturing, October 2018


"I highly recommend Mike. Hugely efficient, fast-track learning process. Mike's deep experience as a CEO and Private Equity director made it well worth the investment."

          Stan W., CEO, Hospitality October 2018

"Mike's program gave me the confidence and tools to take on my CEO search in the private equity arena like no one else could. . . engaging and in point, , , our sessions were not only a highlight, but inspirational."

          Mark S., President-International, Consumer Services, London, September 2018


"Mike Lorelli’s powerful webinars have POSITIVELY influenced my career by teaching me about board roles, and Private Equity – providing essential stepping stones for a successful second career – THANKS Mike!"

          Rakesh K, Chief Technology Officer, Materials, September 2018


"A simply over-the-top coaching experience! Mike transferred his unparalleled lifetime success as a CEO, Board Director, and Private Equity guru, into the most value-packed coaching experience imaginable. Brilliant, wise, perceptive, personable- Mike is the best coach by far!"

          Bruce S, CEO Manufacturing, August 2018


"Working with Mike was a dream. The refocused work landed my next role (and many compliments from my peers on the dramatic LinkedIn improvement)."

          Jennifer S., VP e-Commerce. August 2018


"Mike promises results, and over-delivers. His individualized program resulted in live contacts within a week of completing the program."

          Jim G., President, Utility Advisory Company, June 2018


"Mike is a CEO's coach. . . because he IS a CEO. I got great advice from a real pro."

          Dan B. CEO, Amazon Transportation, June 2018


"Mike is the expert help that you need. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. His process leads to success."

          Harold B. CEO, Industrial, April 2018


"It certainly can be 'lonely at the top,' but not with Mike. He is now top of my list of personal and business advisors."

          Juliette P. International General Counsel, March 2018

"Mike. I just landed a CEO role for North America with a global leading augmented analytics software and consulting company KPISOFT. Also doing an IPO with 3-6 months and I will be on the board. So a 2 in 1!! Thank you for all your help and support. Your guidance had a lot to do with me landing this role." (see previous comment Oct. 2017)

              Jay M. New CEO, Global Software, February 2018

"I highly recommend Mike with his vast CEO, private equity, and Director experience. His recommendations were priceless."

          Stewart S. V.P. & General Manager, Americas, Mobile Technology, February 2018


"The greatest cram course. 'Zero to 60 'in four sessions. Invigorating. Mike is a great teacher."

          Ralph K, CFO, Automotive Sub-Assembly, December 2017


"Mike is a rare treasure who delivers the goods to sharpen your game, with straight talk, and unparalleled knowledge."

          Valerie W, Turnaround CEO and Independent Director, December 2017

"Two weeks after making Mike's LinkedIn changes, I'm seeing many more hits, and good calls and feedback from these recruiters. Mike knows his business."

         Tom F, Senior Operations Executive, Industrials and Nuclear Components, November 2017

"What a great resource! Mike crafted my materials to a whole new level. I'm seeing a sharp increase in views. . . thank you Mike!"

          Herb L, CEO, Global Surveillance Electronics, November 2017

"Mike has a proven model to get you that Board assignment, or next senior position. You will get a 'Brand' that puts you in front of the pack."

          Jay M, Chief Customer Officer, Financial Services, October 2017


 "Mike is the secret weapon for LinkedIn profiles. Delivers Best-In-Class. Don't assume yours is good enough!"

          Pamela W, SVP Sales, Beverages, September 2017

"The sessions with Mike were invaluable with his experience, knowledge and instincts. I now have strategies and materials to pursue the next CEO, and new Board roles."

          Patrick B, President $3 billion Private Chemicals Company, August 2017


"Excellent program! And Mike is (by far) the best career coach I've ever used."

          Jack R, Manufacturing Company CEO, July 2017


"Mike took my mundane compilation of words and crafted it into a meaningful architecture of my skill sets, and the compelling reasons to hire me.  Brought the resume and LinkedIn profile to life.  Wow… simply wow!"

          Jim D, Energy Senior Executive, June 2017


"Mike is like getting X-Ray glasses into the nuances of creating a killer LinkedIn profile."

          Frank W, CFO Public IT Services Company, May 2017


"My resume is getting return calls.  My LinkedIn profile is generating calls from recruiters (which has never happened)!  Most importantly, the PE email blasts have generated responses and I've had invitations to talk to Managing Directors within 2 weeks. And thanks to the Bio, its generating high levels of interest on Board seats."

          Tony B, COO, Operations Manufacturing & Healthcare, April 2017

"Mike was an insightful and thoughtful strategic partner in articulating and focusing my search. I'm grateful for the wisdom and energy he brought to the process."

          Lowell G, COO, ASIA, March 2017

"Mike is a very talented coach, with results beyond my expectations. He is in a league of his own and will bring out the best in you. And his ongoing personal interest is invaluable."

          Tom W, CEO Aerospace & Defense, February 2017

“I enjoyed working with Mike who tailored to my unique situation.  I landed my first Board interview with a public company in just two weeks. ”Everything he told me was spot on and proven out."

          (continued. . . two weeks later)

"Just had a great call with Prosperity Life.  It went very smoothly thanks to your advice.  They led off by asking what I could offer – there was my value proposition; short and sweet.  These guys acquire insurance companies and their two biggest were in 2012 and 2014; this allowed me to ask the question about vintage year performance.  They asked what I wanted to do in terms of being a director or an employee – once again, I was prepared and able to distinguish the roles.  We are going to meet when I get back to New York.  All of your coaching was spot on.  I cannot thank you enough."

    William F., Senior Insurance/ Reinsurance Executive, January 2017

”I unhesitatingly give Mike 5 stars. My campaign will produce Board seats. He and I will continue to develop a friendship, as well. His recruiter and other lists alone are worth the price of admission."

          Allen K, Forensic CPA Services and Expert Witness, December 2016

"I cannot say enough about how helpful Mike's coaching has been to my Board search. At Month 5, I am in conversations with a number of private equity firms, and two public companies."

          David R., President Exploration, major natural resources company, October 2016


"My investment with Mike was an investment in my future that has already generated returns many times over.  Outstanding coach, mentor and networker."

          Dr. Mark B, Biotech executive, October 2016


"Mike is the best coach I have ever experienced.  It doesn't get any better than this."

          Bob M, Operating Partner, Global Private Equity Firm, August 2016


"Mike helped me understand my value to a board and optimized my presentation package to the level I would not have dreamed of, all that with tremendous charm, humor and a down to earth no-nonsense approach. Working with Mike was the best investment in myself I have made in years."

          Maria, Partner, Global Consulting Firm, July 2016


"Mike is a brilliant Board strategist and advisor. Helped me develop a strategy that worked fast. Only after a few months, I was appointed to a sought-after board. For a fast strategy that works, he is your go-to guy."

         Maureen, Halifax, Canada, President, June 2016


"Mike re-dialed my messaging and LinkedIn profile. Within a week the number of recruiter views tripled and are now actively reaching out to me. He goes above and beyond by also providing warm intros to his vast network. Can't recommend him enough."

          Matt, Silicon Valley CEO, June 2016

"Mike's program exceeded the promise. Well conceived and fast paced program. I left really motivated to get going and have another drink from the firehouse. Will have a long lasting impact on my life."

        Chris, $1.4b Industrial company, May 2016


"Mike has outstanding insight and energy for re-energizing a Board search. Reawakened the drive to look beyond my circles, such as private equity. Certainly recommend. He builds winners."

           Ginny, Principal- Canadian Power Utility Developer, May 2016

"Mike is an exceptional  coach for executives preparing for Boards. His pragmatic advice and tools are an outstanding way to prepare and land. I highly recommend Mike and his approach."

          Sheila S. San Francisco based CEO, April 2016


"Mike is an outstanding coach. Particularly for those interested in Private Equity. He 'owns' the space!. And is the knockout in LinkedIn."

          Eric G, North American PE CEO, April 2016

"Mike is extraordinary. I recommend Mike to any high level exec looking to take their search to a higher level."

        Don R, CEO publicly traded internet company, April 2016

"I attended your "Landing Board Seats" webinar given by IERG, and am proud to say I now sit on a PE board. Thanks for making this happen!"

         Jeff, CEO. chemicals industry, Feb 2016

“Mike was instrumental in turbo-charging my Board search. He not only had the art, but the science. His candor and no-nonsense approach was refreshing, and his coaching approach was very balanced. Bottom-line, Mike is the real deal – he has truly created value in my “go-to-market” strategy.  Thanks Mike!”

          Tom, VP and CAO, major law firm


"Outstanding personalized coaching. Really understood me and my job search needs, and helped create a unique marketing campaign. The insights in improving my LinkedIn profile, alone, generated great traction and success in my search."

      Doug, Head of Innovation, Global Pharmaceutical company


"With Mike's extensive private equity and corporate experience, I was able to explore a multitude of options from Executive, to Board, to Operating Partner. I had a dozen actionable ideas after the first two hours. The messaging work on my Bio and LinkedIn profile was priceless."

          John, Operating Partner, private equity firm


"Mike really knows how things work. His approach and insights save candidates time and energy, and helps them achieve their goal faster. After Mike's changes to my LinkedIn profile, I received exponentially more inquiries from executive search firms, and for a broader range of opportunities. I wouldn't launch another search without him."

         Sheila, CEO, private equity portfolio company


"Mike's 'Roadmap for Landing a Board Seat' is invaluable. His coaching is spot-on and insightful, especially the personalized perspective on muscle-building credentials."

          Linda, UAE based Global Executive


"Mike proved to be the right coach for me. I can honestly say that I could not have done it without him."

         Beroz, Partner, International Consulting Firm


"Mike put my best Board-face on my Bio, resume, LinkedIn profile, and value proposition. His diligence and coaching have made a huge difference in my confidence level."

          Tommy, CFO, beverage sector mid-market company


"Mike's CEO and Board experience enable valuable insights for any senior executive progressing his or her career. He understands this from both the Fortune, as well as the private equity side, and how they mine for talent. Tremendous coaching, from LinkedIn profile, to interview coaching. And he stays with you, long after the project is done."

       Tim, General Manager, Major US Industrial Supplier


"Mike is a class act. Helped me cross the finish line. It's the best decision you'll ever make."

         Rick, MD, Physician Executive


"Even the best need a coach. Why not reach out to the best. Connect with Mike."

           Ed, Founder and CEO, Global Consulting firm


"My LinkedIn changes, which Mike spearheaded, have had a direct correlation with the increased number of employment opportunities that have come my way."

       Rich, COO, REIT


"Mike is a LinkedIn genius. My ranking jumped to the top within Marketing Communications Consultants."

          Jeff, former V.P. Public Relations, major NY Advertising Agency


"Mike is the Zen Master of LinkedIn. His insight and ability to transfer the knowledge is priceless."

          Paul H, SVP IT, Feb 2016

"If you're looking to land your dream job, you must reach out to Mike. There is simply no better."

         Bob W, COO Business Services April 2016

"Working with Mike was a great experience. I now have great professional documents and a well-defined Strategy. Time very well spent."

       Jodie, President Specialty Chemicals, August 2016

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