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Personalized 'Landing' Coaching

Your Coach

It's an especially challenging job market for C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders “in transition” or seeking “career advancement opportunities."

We can help you to effectively compete for your next great role with our proven, four-step methodology – personalized to meet your career goals and objectives. Following a market overview, we coach you through your positioning strategy; show you how to best synchronize your Resume, LinkedIn profile and Bio; and ultimately guide you on the development of a standout marketing plan.


Hone Your Messaging.
Assess PE-backed Opportunities.
Chart Your Marketing Strategy.
Launch Your Plan with Confidence.

Stick the Landing
Personalized Landing Coaching
Standout LinkedIn Profiles

Standout LinkedIn Profiles

There are 930M LinkedIn users across more than 200 countries and territories. An Executive Recruiter may search at least 100 profiles for a single assignment. 


If you have just an "Excellent" profile, you're just 1 in 700, and are essentially invisible. You need an outstanding LinkedIn profile. You need to be in the Top 70. 


We elevate your LinkedIn profile and review your personal branding, resume alignment, well-placed keywords and consistent, meaningful posts. We create LinkedIn profiles that get traction in Recruiter, Private Equity and other business searches.

Where do you rank in the LinkedIn pyramid?


“Mike turned my basic profile into a winning example of how to land board seats and jobs.  My first contact after the update was very impressed with the page and it resulted in a viable job offering”

Jerry B, CEO - Aviation 

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