Personalized 'Landing' Coaching

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Personalized 'Landing' Coaching

Over the past two decades, Mike Lorelli has coached hundreds of CEOs and other C-Level executives through their professional advancements and career transitions. Mike has been a PepsiCo President – twice – and subsequently led five engagements as CEO at private equity backed companies.


An accomplished author and speaker, Mike has published several thought leadership pieces; authored the foreword to two business books and hosted a series of popular webinars, seminars and workshops including "The Private Equity Play", "Landing Board Seats" and "Landing In Private Equity." 


Faster Landings employs a proven, four-step methodology to review and refine your personal brand and “messaging” – including your bio, resume and LinkedIn profile.


Killer LinkedIn Profiles

There are 720 million LinkedIn users and a recruiter will search 100 profiles for a single assignment. If you have just an "Excellent" profile, you are just 1 in 700, and are essentially invisible.

You need a 'Killer' profile. You need to be in the Top 70. 


Where do you rank in the LinkedIn pyramid?


Mike is an expert at creating LinkedIn profiles which get traction in recruiter, private equity and other searches. Most importantly, Mike’s omni-channel approach helps “get the phone to ring” with an effective Market-ready Tune-up.

Hone Your Messaging.

Assess PE-backed Opportunities.

Chart Your Marketing Strategy.

Launch Your Plan with Confidence.

Stick the Landing


“Mike turned my basic profile into a winning example of how to land board seats and jobs.  My first contact after the update was very impressed with the page and it resulted in a viable job offering”

Jerry B, CEO, Aviation 
September 2020