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With only 70,000 outside Board Seats nationally, candidates must be well-prepared for the rigorous vetting process. From recruiting to making the “shortlist”, candidates must make quick, informed decisions to assess the situation; market their capabilities, experience and accomplishments … and stick that landing. But first, you have to optimize your core materials – LinkedIn profile, Resume and Biography – to be “Board Sticky.”

Our Landing Board Seats program is tailored to meet your goals. We deliver the guidance and tools that will get you noticed as a serious Board of Director candidate through our unique, four-step process:

Discover The Significance Of Outside Board Of Directors

The outside board of directors is the non-employees of a company. An independent director who does not directly relate to the company but helps it fulfill its business objectives and achieve its vision and mission. We at Faster Landings help professionals to gain the maximum board seats. There are only 26,000 board seats available nationally. So the candidates must be extra careful about going through the vetting process.

If you want perfect guidance and tools to get noticed as a board of director candidate, you are at the right place. The landing board seat program by Faster Landings is designed to fulfill your goals and help you become a successful board of directors.

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Benefits Of Becoming Outside Board Of Directors

The Board of directors is divided into two categories: The inside board of directors and the outside board of directors. Inside members are the ones who are directly associated with the company, and they manage and work for the welfare of the particular company. Whereas outside members work independently, the company usually hires them to work on different aspects that will help boost the company’s growth.

If you want to become board of directors, consider enrolling in the landing board seat program by Faster Landings. It will help you become a reputed and esteemed outside director who can inspect all parts of the company, like marketing, manufacturing, retail management, and transportation, and figure out where and in what ways a business might need expert assistance. An outside board will help you find the perfect solution with diverse knowledge matching your company’s needs. Diversity is the main factor that an external board of directors can provide. 

If you are a Board of Director candidate, ensure you have all the necessary guidance and tools required to become skilled at your job. Faster Landing is your solution to becoming a trusted and reputed board of directors. With the increase of business opportunities constantly flooding the market, companies are often hiring a lot of Outside Board of Directors who can help them stand out from their competitors.

Why Should You Join Our Landing Board Seats Program?

Faster Landings offers the best landing board program for the outside board of directors candidates. We have a unique four-step process to ensure you become one of the best board candidates. We help you gain board insights, crystallize your messaging skills, map your business strategy, and provide essential knowledge about the market.

Get In Touch With Our Professionals To Know More About Our Program!

Our professional will give you a step-by-step guide on how to become the best outside board of directors. If you are pursuing board seats or looking for new career opportunities, Faster Landings is your solution. Feel free to contact us to know more about us and our landing board seats program.

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Your Coach

All Clients work directly with Mike Lorelli – an exceptionally experienced Director.

Mike’s notable career features being twice-appointed a PepsiCo President, followed by five engagements as CEO of private equity companies, and six years as an Operating Partner for a private equity firm. He has served on three public company Boards and nine private / private equity / VC Boards. Mike currently serves on three Boards including the NACD CT Board of Directors.​

Mike is frequently cited as a Subject Matter Expert on Board and Private Equity-related topics. Mike is an accomplished author of many thought leadership pieces including articles featured in NACD’s Directorship magazine, and other publications.​

Mike is ‘”Masters Level Certified” by The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and The American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD). He has chaired three Public Company Compensation Committees.

Mike has also successfully held 4 Interim CEO roles.

Our Testimonials

“Mike provides a wealth of experience and offers exceptional service and commitment. It was a great experience working with Mike and I highly recommend him.”

Matt Y., VP Global Operations, November 2021

“Mike is incredibly effective, and generous in his commitment to his clients. He is an exceptional person, and I am very privileged to call him a colleague.”

Randy D, Industrial, and Interim CEO, October 2021

“Mike knows what he’s doing. Very practical and useful advice from his distinguished career.”

Carlos A. CEO. International Telecom, July 2021

“If you want the secret code on Private Equity Boards, look no further. Mike is a great mentor and coach.”

Jane S, CEO, LifeCare, April 2021

“Mike is a true coach. Clarity, instruction and direction for your go-to-market plan. The cherry on top is that he is a real delight to work with.”

Ivonne, CEO. Clean Energy & Sustainability, December 2020

“Mike turned my basic profile into a winning example of how to land board seats and jobs. My first contact after the update was very impressed with the page and it resulted in a viable job offering.”

Jerry B, CEO, Aviation, September 2020

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