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The existing CEO had an unanticipated resignation. Or you weren’t satisfied with the direction. There are times when the Board needs to catch its breath, and embark on comprehensive, and time consuming, search. Enter the Interim CEO who can land on their feet running Day 1, and commit to 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or longer.

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Interim Insights

Mike has successfully held 4 Interim CEO engagements. He gets to town on Sunday, enjoys being the first person in the office on Monday, holding a Staff Meeting, followed by a Noon Town Hall.

Excerpts from the October 2020 issue of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) magazine The Rise of the Interim Role

“Interim CEOs provide a senior, experienced, immediately-available individual while you are engaged with a retained search for the role to eliminate any form of business disruption. Another regular request is when a company is going through considerable change and they require the experience of CEO-level executive who has executed this type of transformation before.”

“Also, an organization may want to test-drive an idea before fully committing. For example, Interims can be an ideal solution where firms are experimenting with different structures and roles. It could be they are looking to digitize their business and require a ‘chief digital officer’ type role, or around data with a ‘chief data officer,’ but they are not fully sure on the remit or positioning of said role. It could be anything where it’s a concept the firm hasn’t necessarily looked at in-depth before.”

“If there’s a lot of turmoil in the organization, putting an outside interim in place makes a lot of sense because they can have some of the hard conversations inside the organization, and make some of the tuff people-calls.

“You can bring heavy-hitting, amazing, best-of-breed people in their field to the table for a short period of time that you could never afford to have in a in a permanent capacity,”

Someone who understands it is New York-based Mike Lorelli, a career CEO/interim CEO with over 35 years in leadership roles at Fortune 50 consumer, B2B and private equity-backed companies. His advice to organizations hiring an interim: “The biggest mistake is to try to hire on the cheap, or even be as frivolous as to interview three or four people and go for the lowest cost person.” To illustrate, Lorelli says, “Think about Lasik surgery. The doctor who runs a TV ad saying it’s $599 an eyeball is probably the last person I want to go to.”

– Mike Lorelli

Our Testimonials

“Mike provides a wealth of experience and offers exceptional service and commitment. It was a great experience working with Mike and I highly recommend him.”

Matt Y., VP Global Operations, November 2021

“Mike is incredibly effective, and generous in his commitment to his clients. He is an exceptional person, and I am very privileged to call him a colleague.”

Randy D, Industrial, and Interim CEO, October 2021

“Mike knows what he’s doing. Very practical and useful advice from his distinguished career.”

Carlos A. CEO. International Telecom, July 2021

“If you want the secret code on Private Equity Boards, look no further. Mike is a great mentor and coach.”

Jane S, CEO, LifeCare, April 2021

“Mike is a true coach. Clarity, instruction and direction for your go-to-market plan. The cherry on top is that he is a real delight to work with.”

Ivonne, CEO. Clean Energy & Sustainability, December 2020

“Mike turned my basic profile into a winning example of how to land board seats and jobs. My first contact after the update was very impressed with the page and it resulted in a viable job offering.”

Jerry B, CEO, Aviation, September 2020

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